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| 690 | Technology

Is Technology Making Us Less Human?

Technology indeed is so big, powerful, and quite efficient and we love it except for the one striving to take our jobs. Technology wraps our daily lives, our waking up (e.g. alarms) and sex life (e.g. Sex suits, and ...

| 970 | Public Policy

How Behavioural Science Could Change The Face Of Africa

When I set out to study Psychology at undergraduate level, I thought I would graduate to work with people one after another. Before graduation, I had a chance to work with Dr. Aaron Agbo, (Experimental Psychologist and wel...

| 662 | Opinion

Introduction To Common Sense And Your Right To Sound Judgement

Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people - W.C. Fields Rene Descartes wrote “common se...

| 674 | Positive and Wellbeing Psychology

Data Shows Nigerians Are Happy. Are You?

There is a deep sense of a need to be happy. It’s beyond a "want" but "need". The majority of what we do with healthy minds, are driven towards our happiness. By default, we are so. Happiness in itself f...

| 703 | Social Influence

Corruption Of Will: Immoral Obedience And How To Deal With Exploitative-Legitimate Authority

First, ask yourself “would you hurt an innocent person if an authority asks you to, without any form of coercion on you?” Ask this question on a regular day, you’ll likely get more ‘nos’. Not surprisingly, everybody wants to play g...

| 676 | Organizations and Management

Work Schedules To Boost Performance

In the pursuit of organizational or employee’s productivity, work-time does not always equal performance. This however, few Nigerian employers have come to realize. Several things promotes employees productivity and work-time is only dependent upon them. This means that all things being uneq...